Rhinoplasty is surgery designed to repair or reshape the nose. This procedure may be performed for cosmetic reasons to improve an individuals appearance and proportion of the nose. A lot of the time it is used to improve a person’s self-confidence and self esteem. Plastic surgery of the nose can also be used to correct breathing problems caused by structural abnormalities within the nose. Specialist Plastic Surgeons and also Specialist Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons regularly perform Rhinoplasty.

The majority of rhinoplasty Sydney operations are performed through the patients nostrils, consequently meaning there are no visible scars to the face post surgery. In some cases it will require a cut to the tissue between the nostrils to perform the rhinoplasty effectively.

Nose jobs do not just change the size of the nose, it can also determine the width and profile. The shape of the nostrils and overall balance of the nose (nasal symmetry) can also be altered.

Through the use of cartilage grafting, surgery can also reduce augment structures of the nose. Occasionally, a rather small piece of cartilage from the ear and in some cases a section of rib cartilage may be used.

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If you are thinking of rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic treatment to boost self confidence, there are always alternatives. These may include accepting yourself for who you are or even simple lifestyle changes.

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Conditions that rhinoplasty surgery can correct

Some of the conditions that can be corrected through rhinoplasty include:

  • nasal structural problems, from birth defects of the nose or due to injury
  • nasal obstruction
  • broken noses
  • self-consciousness about the size or shape of the nose.

Things to remember

Nose Job is surgery to repair or reshape the nose.

A cosmetically altered nose may take 6 to 12 months to achieve its final shape or profile.

Individuals should always consult with your surgeon about the risks and benefits of rhinoplasty, and what results you personally can expect.